Thursday 21 August 2008

JG Ballard Crash competition

Well finally there's a tiny bit of news on the Times Online JG Ballard Crash Cover Competition. Still no news of any shortlist; the best six are meant to be presented to the great man himself to choose the winner, but judging is now underway. Apparently the amount of entries mean they are still looking over the work, with the May winner announcement long gone! 

I shall post a link to the winning entries when they put one up but here is my entry along with a couple of other concepts I considered. I decided the strongest concept was the first one; Banksy meets HR Giger at a porno show. Although I quite liked moodiness of the other concepts they didn't quite convey the fetishistic aspect of the novel.

A few of the other entries can be seen on the rather nice Ballardian website here

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